Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lars von Trier Questioned by Dutch Police

I don't know which is worse: prosecuting a makeup artist for making things or prosecuting a director for saying things.  The makeup artist is of course Rémy Couture, who has for some time now been fighting a disastrous and expensive criminal prosecution in Canada for nothing but fabricating the grotesque.  Now it is the Danish director Lars von Trier's turn for a good hosing.  It's not official yet, but he reports being questioned by Dutch police supposedly at the behest of the French, although they deny this.     

My advice for public figures: don't ever talk about Hitler.  Or Nazis.  Ever.  Not even in your native tongue.  No matter how ironical, witty or cute you think you are being, you are making a complete ass of yourself and inviting disaster.

That said, I found my sentiments on the subject summed up nicely by Tristan Sinns at Planet Fury:
"Many of us groaned at the comments made by Lars von Trier during an interview at the last Cannes Film Festival; but now France is considering actually throwing the man in prison."  Read more 

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  1. Not that this has much to do with what you're speaking of, but Hank Williams jr sure took a beating for his comments on obama and Hitler. this was completly taken out of context, yet fox definitely didnt care much for it. I find it silly on Fox's part to fire him for this, but some folks need to placate to the masses.