Monday, November 29, 2010

Jim Morrison to be Pardoned?

Outgoing Florida Governor Charlie Crist is considering granting Jim Morrison a pardon for his two misdemeanor convictions that resulted from an incident of his supposedly showing his lizard king to the crowd at a Miami concert.  Seems like a waste of a Governor's time to me, unless the goal is to mildly irritate republicans.  Read more at the Daily Beast

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to Watch a Movie

Too many of us watch movies as if we were proofreading them.  Not only does this lead to ridiculous--and fruitless--conversations about everything from what a decapitation really looks like to how it really looks when a train explodes, it also robs us of enjoyment.  Especially when this is the main focus.

This is even more ridiculous with the horror or sci-fi crowd.  Countless times I've been watching a movie about ghosts, a vampire, a zombie apocalypse, or some other such nonsense, only to have some Poindexter throw a fit about some pedantic detail like an unrealistic gunshot wound.  Now granted, that may not be what it would really look like if someone suffered a shotgun blast to the face, but come on; you're watching a movie about the dead coming to life.  Realism is relative.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Red Nights

Colin Geddes calls Red East Picture's Red Nights a "bittersweet fortune cookie of murder and deceit," that "inhabits a mysterious realm where Italian giallo and espionage thrillers coexist with the exoticism of the Far East."  Doesn't that sound promising?  And it looks good, too. 

I have encountered difficulties in finding out anything about a possible US release, but it appears that Netflix will be offering it soon.